green energy

Solar systems Design and install

Roy Dyke Electrical Ltd offers a wide range of options for our customers to reduce their energy footprint from LED lighting to solar panels, battery storage and EV charging points.


Solar Energy

We are focused on a GREEN FUTURE – We are training all our engineers for solar photovoltaic systems. We will design, build and maintain your system for years to come. We are also trained to maintain and repair the electrical systems for Air/ Ground source heat pumps and solar thermal systems. 

With over 45 years of experience in electrical contracting, we have turned our experience in electrical contracting to energy efficiency and C02 reduction since 2010. To date, we have helped our customers to save a combined total of 312 gWh of electricity. This is enough to power 2,934 homes for 10 years and has removed 72,367 tons of C02, and this is the same as replacing Disney World with forests or removing 3000 cars from our roads. All this whilst saving our customers money on their energy bill. 

We help customers to save money on their energy bill, with green energy produced on site with solar panels. These are available to be installed on flat roofs, pitched roofs and ground level for any size solar farm. Along with solar generation, we offer battery storage solutions so that you can make the most of the solar you are generating. 


Save money on your electric bills with solar, all install quotes will show you the payback time before you install is profitable.


All installations are completed to the highest standard and are backed by our company's warranty.


All installations come with a minimum 12 months parts and labour warranty, This can be extended to suit your needs.


Battery solutions will help you take full advantage of your solar install. These can be installed with new solar systems or fitted to your existing system.

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